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Rid Your Home of Allergens

By Sara Butler It may not seem like an area of interest chiropractors have, but rest assured they want to see you at your healthiest. One of the things that can prevent you from being healthy is for your ...
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Caring for Your Back after Pregnancy

By Sara Butler Pregnancy certainly takes a toll on the body – just ask any pregnant woman. Yet after the baby is born, your back is still vulnerable to injury. According to a study published in ...
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What Causes Misalignments of the Spine?

By Sara Butler Your chiropractor is an expert of the spine, specifically of misalignments - or what your chiropractor refers to as “subluxations.” Subluxations can happen to anyone at any ...
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Can You Have a Problem Without Pain?

By Sara Butler Many people think that pain is the first sign of a problem, but that’s actually not the case. Pain is usually the last symptom you will experience to indicate something might be wrong ...
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A Chiropractic Solution for Stress

By Sara Butler Stress – everyone has it! It’s what you do with it that can make a big difference in your life. The toll stress can take on your body if not dealt with in a healthy way can ...
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