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Why the Karate Kid Needed a Chiropractor

By Krista Elliott People who are serious about martial arts tend to embrace it as a lifestyle and a state of mind, as opposed to "just" an exercise. (They're kind of like Crossfitters that way, except ...
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A Wrench in Your Back

By Krista Elliott One irrefutable truth about machinery is this: The more moving parts you have, the greater the odds of something going awry. And the more important that machine is, the more it gets ...
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Chiropractic After the Crash

By Krista Elliott You're driving home, navigating traffic, when suddenly you feel a jolt and hear that nasty, metal-on-metal crunch.  A fender-bender is definitely up there when it comes to things ...
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Time to NOT Get Cracking

By Krista Elliott So you've been sitting at your desk for a couple of hours, getting your work done (or watching YouTube videos of baby pandas, which totally counts as self-care). You stand up for a break, ...
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Chiropractic and the College Student

By Krista Elliott Starting college or university is a particularly exciting time in a person's life. You may be living away from your parents for the very first time, tasting the sweet, sweet freedom ...
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