Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Rodney Parham #25001

Tips for Protecting Your Winter Skin

By Genevieve Cunningham The skin is one of the biggest and most important parts of your body. It’s what everyone sees first, and of course, it’s what covers our bodies and keeps our inner ...
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3 Things You Need in Your Cabinet for Winter

By Genevieve Cunningham Winter is so close we can almost taste it. The nights are getting cooler. The breeze has a bite to it. Even the mornings are filled with frost and breath you can see. While all ...
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A Noninvasive Method: Chiropractic Care Wins

By Genevieve Cunningham In today’s world, natural health care is all the rage. We all want to protect our health and well-being, but we’re becoming more wary of invasive procedures or over ...
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How to Manage Pain in a Natural Way

By Genevieve Cunningham Pain is one of the parts of life that we all wish we could skip. Unfortunately, it’s one of the only things that you can be sure will happen in your lifetime. We all experience ...
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Why Chiropractic Care is Excellent for Prevention

By Genevieve Cunningham You have probably heard the old adage prevention is the best medicine. This little saying is quite famous and for good reason. The truth is that when it comes to health, prevention ...
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