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Why You Should Really Take a Time Out

By Genevieve Cunningham We’ve all heard of a time out. While most of us associate it with a misbehaving child, a timeout can be beneficial for children and adults alike. But we’re not talking ...
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Family Friendly Mental Health Tips

By Genevieve Cunningham Keeping your family healthy is definitely a top priority. Whether it’s just you, a spouse, or you have tons of kids in tow, health of any kind is crucial for your family’s ...
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How to Naturally Keep Hormones in Check

By Genevieve Cunningham Hormones are a small aspect of our physical bodies, but they bring a huge impact to our health and well-being. We all have a multitude of hormones rushing through our bodies at ...
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3 Tips That Improve Mental and Emotional Health

By Genevieve Cunningham When we initially think about health, we automatically imagine our physical health. Are our lungs healthy? Is our heart healthy? Do we have strong muscles and good eyesight and ...
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3 Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Spine

By Genevieve Cunningham You’ve probably heard by now that chiropractic care is a good addition to almost any health routine. Chances are even good that you know someone who benefits from care on ...
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