Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Brea #31112

Mental Gymnastics and Chiropractic

By Sandy Schroeder Could you really use a mental refresh?  Sometimes, as we handle one daily project after six others, we lose our edge, and we look around for ways to help our minds think faster ...
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Smart Ways to Stand Up to Life Wherever You Are

By Sandy Schroeder As we rush through deadlines or daily tasks, or slide in and out of meetings, how we sit and stand becomes automatic. It is what it is, because we usually have a lot of  other ...
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Why Chiropractic May Have the Answers We Need Now

By Sandy Schroeder In a very busy world, the need to work hard and stay healthy to keep family, home and job going can be a little overwhelming at times.  Sometimes the wrong choices are made. Pain ...
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Just How Interesting Are You?

By Sandy Schroeder The question in the headline is pretty straighforward. How interesting are you? Most of us would probably tend to dodge the question, saying we fall somewhere in the middle. But if ...
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How to Live "Stress Light"

By Sandy Schroeder A certain amount of stress in life is inevitable. But what if you could dial back 90 percent of your stress and go “Stress Light.” This approach may not take shape overnight, ...
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