Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Brea #31112

Wise Habits that Help Us Savor Our Lives

By Sandy Schroeder What we think we want, and what we really need, do not always match up. Tempting schemes and fanciful dreams often pull us along, but when we actually stop and look at our lives, those ...
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What to Do When Worry Boils Over

By Sandy Schroeder All of us worry a little -- and sometimes we worry a lot -- when accidents happen or day-to-day pressures multiply. But usually, we can work through our current situation and settle ...
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How to Live "Stress Light"

By Sandy Schroeder A certain amount of stress in life is inevitable. But what if you could dial back 90 percent of your stress and go “Stress Light.” This approach may not take shape overnight, ...
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Chiropractic Healthcare - In Step with You

By Sandy Schroeder Maintaining a balance in a busy world is not always easy. We all make daily excursions into the fray, helping our family, going to work, and squeezing in a little leisure when we can. ...
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Mental Gymnastics and Chiropractic

By Sandy Schroeder Could you really use a mental refresh?  Sometimes, as we handle one daily project after six others, we lose our edge, and we look around for ways to help our minds think faster ...
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