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Simple Strategies to Cut Out Sugar

By Sara Butler Sugar. Something that tastes this good can’t be healthy for you – and it’s not! That should come as no surprise. Several longitudinal studies have come out over the last ...
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What Vegetables and Fruits are the Most Filling?

By Sara Butler You might think eating healthy means you’ll eat a salad and be hungry 20 minutes later, but that is actually far from the case. Fruits and vegetables can be quite satisfying, so you ...
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What Everyone Should Know About Nutrition

By Sara Butler Information is constantly changing when it comes to nutrition. Just a few years ago it was thought that butter would clog up your arteries faster than an interstate clogs up on a Monday ...
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Dangerous Ingredients Lurking in Your Food

By Sara Butler When you go to the grocery store and check out food labels, what are you looking for? Most people look for calories, fat or sugar – and those things are important. But there are also ...
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Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

By Sara Butler If you suffer from neck pain and you are not a chiropractic patient then what are you waiting for? Chiropractic treatment has been proven effective in helping to free up stiff necks, restore ...
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