Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Downey #31109

The Biggest Health Myths of All Time

By Sara Butler Myths can persist even when there’s solid evidence that directly proves them false. Often, these myths are so embedded in a culture that you may have no idea that they’re not ...
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An Apple a Day: The Little Known Health Benefits of Apples

By Sara Butler Apples are extremely popular. They taste great, they’re abundantly available and they appeal to people of all ages. As familiar as you think you may be with apples, there are a few ...
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Foods that Stress You Out!

By Sara Butler Sometimes when you’ve had a bad day at work you just want to go home and eat an entire bag of potato chips along with a pint of ice cream. Don’t be ashamed, many people look ...
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Are You Getting Enough Healthy Fat?

By Sara Butler The news is out: Fat (the good kind) is your friend. Sure, you have to be careful how much fat you get in your diet, but you may be surprised to find out a lot of people don’t get ...
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Why You Should Lose that Loofah

By Sara Butler You know those shower poufs that probably grace the shower of most of the people you know? Well, they’re convenient for sure, and they produce a heck of a lather, but have you ever ...
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