Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Eastvale Gateway #31118

First-Aid Hacks You Need In Your Life

By Sara Butler Accidents can really happen at any time in any place. You may not have a first-aid kit on hand to take care of yourself or someone else, which is why knowing a few shortcuts can come in ...
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Bad Foods that Are Actually Good

By Sara Butler There are a lot of foods out there that get a bad rap they just can’t seem to shake. But, the truth is there are a lot of foods considered bad for your health when they are actually ...
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Low-Fat Foods You Should Avoid

By Sara Butler It seems to have been drilled into people’s heads – the idea that fat is bad for you and should be avoided. Low-fat foods are not synonymous with healthy foods. Of course, some ...
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Smashed Nutrition Myths!

By Sara Butler Sometimes myths become so ingrained, many people don’t question them and take them for a fact. What can start out as a small thing, such as coconut oil is good for you, can snowball ...
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Why You Need More Leafy Greens

By Sara Butler You may not realize it, but the leafy greens you’re always hearing you should eat more of? Well, you should eat more of them. This is because they are little leafy powerhouses of ...
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