Chiropractic Care May Be the Future of Cancer Treatments


Our immune system is one of the most important parts of our body, helping to protect us against viruses and illness. Our immune systems need to stay strong not just to fight common bacteria and illness in the community, but also to help us prevent more serious conditions such as heart disease and stroke. But there is one disease that our immune system seems unable to fight alone, and that is cancer. While people who are diagnosed with cancer do need to keep their immune systems strong in case of infection, why is it that the good cells in our bodies do not battle cancerous cells?

Scientists believe that cancerous cells become somewhat invisible within our bodies, meaning it can be more difficult for the immune system to sense them. However, new treatments are being designed to help the immune system recognize cancerous cells and therefore hopefully fight them. Immunotherapy, which is a type of cancer treatment meant to do this is being brought into the spotlight again as scientists have discovered different ways to boost the immune system to a level where it may succeed at its fight.

One way scientists have been able to further these treatments is through the development of medications called checkpoint inhibitors. These drugs are able to prevent cancer cells from looking invisible, almost pointing them out to our immune system and saying “attack!” These medications have shown promise in trials, allowing patients to avoid traditional chemotherapy, which can have serious and debilitating side effects, including a weakened immune system.

If these checkpoint inhibitors are the future of cancer treatment, then more and more focus will shift towards the immune system. An excellent way to keep the immune system healthy, in addition to getting proper vitamins, minerals, exercise and sleep is regular chiropractic adjustments. When the spine is adjusted, any vertebrae that are misaligned are put back into place. This relieves pressure on nerves, allowing blood and nutrients to flow freely and in turn boosting the immune system. Many people who have been diagnosed with cancer visit chiropractors in order to protect themselves from communicable illness. In the future, the visits may be to treat the cancer itself.

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