Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Goleta #31143

Start Your Day With A Heart-Healthy Drink

By Tom Herrin When you think about drinks that are good for your heart, you often think about red wine.  There have been numerous studies that indicate red wine can sometimes be good for your heart, ...
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How a Spinal Misalignment Affects Your Health

By Stepy Kamei A misalignment in the spinal column may sound like a serious issue, but many people are often surprised to learn that they themselves have this issue. In reality, spinal misalignments can ...
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Caring for Brain Health Every Day

By Stepy Kamei We all understandably worry about our cognitive health as we age, considering there are so many issues we should be worried about: Alzheimer's, dementia, and a general decline in our ability ...
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Supercharge Your Breakfast for Better Mornings

By Stepy Kamei It's no secret to those who know me that I think breakfast foods are the most delicious foods on the planet. How can you not love the sweet taste of pancakes, or the flaky crust of a croissant? ...
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