Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Irvine Crossroads #31151

Got 15 Minutes? Use It to Upgrade Your Health

By Sandy Schroeder Most of us have 15 extra minutes in our weekly schedule. Putting that time to work to upgrade our health could be a wise choice.  More and more people are finding out about chiropractic ...
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Need Some Help Handling Stress?

By Sandy Schroeder If stress has a grip on your life, you know all too well how it feels. Stress can create tension headaches, back pain, heart palpitations or indigestion. It may cloud your thinking, ...
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Falling Behind? Use Chiropractic to Catch Up

By Sandy Schroeder For me, one of the worst things that can happen is to fall behind in my targets. I am a list maker, and I like to check things off of that list.  Included targets are family, financial, ...
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How to Be More Active and Think Better

By Sandy Schroeder Researchers are telling us if we stay active we may boost our memory and thinking skills. They also believe activity can up our mood and help our sleep by lowering stress and anxiety. ...
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Chiropractic Tips Put the Holidays into Perspective

By Sandy Schroeder When the pumpkin patches seem to be everywhere, followed closely by the Thanksgiving turkey, we know the holidays are upon us. For some of us, that’s where the trouble starts ...
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