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A Chiropractor's Touch for Treating Sciatica

By Genevieve Cunningham If you have never experienced the pain of sciatica, you are definitely fortunate in this regard. Sciatica, a difficult to understand and treat ailment, is incredibly painful. For ...
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Why Chiropractic Care is a Health Staple

By Genevieve Cunningham Chiropractic care is an excellent way to protect your back and neck. It can alleviate pain and stiffness, encourage a larger and broader range of motion, and improves the overall ...
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3 Ways to Improve Back Pain While You Sleep

By Genevieve Cunningham Back pain can be quite frustrating. Not only is it painful, but it can get in the way of everyday life. While some back pain might be expected, such as after a long day or after ...
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Back Pain Prevention: How to Keep Your Spine Healthy

By Genevieve Cunningham There is no denying the old adage about prevention. It truly is the best way to stay healthy and pain-free. While treating current conditions is still a good idea, preventing those ...
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Sleep and Chiropractic Care: The New Dynamic Duo?

By Genevieve Cunningham Sleep. This one word means so much to so many people. For some, it’s that thing that they used to have, but can’t seem to find anymore. For others, it’s their ...
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