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The 3 S's of Good Posture

By Sara Butler You might be kind of sick of hearing about the importance of good posture, but the reason you hear so much of it from your chiropractor and beyond is because of just how important it is ...
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Do You Have Dead Butt Syndrome?

By Sara Butler The term “Dead Butt Syndrome” may conjure some interesting visuals, but it’s an actual problem that can strike the most active people you know. You might think that DBS ...
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Two Common Types of Poor Posture

By Sara Butler Posture is a kind of universal language. No matter where you go the rules of good posture apply: You should stand up straight with your head up, your shoulders back and your feet firmly ...
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The Skinny on Subluxations

By Sara Butler You’ve probably heard your chiropractor talk about subluxations before, but do you really know what they are? Don’t be embarrassed if you aren’t exactly sure, it’s ...
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3 Tips for Staying Healthy and Active in Life

By Genevieve Cunningham Living an active lifestyle is important. Immobility, whether by choice or by circumstance, is simply not good for the body. Our bodies were meant to move. Exercise and movement ...
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