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How to Deal With a Pain in the Coccyx

By Krista Elliott When I was a teenager, my mom used to occasionally tell me I was being a pain in the coccyx. This is what passes for humor among nurses, evidently. Her statement was accurate, however. ...
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Smoking and Your Spine: The Hidden Danger

By Krista Elliott As many of us know, smoking is a hard habit to shake ... and a nasty one. Fortunately, California is leading the way when it comes to going smoke-free, with only 11.6 percent of the ...
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3 Habits that Are Wrecking Your Joints

By Krista Elliott When it comes to bad habits, goodness knows I have my share. We all do. Whether we cuss too much (guilty), bite our nails (guilty) or procrastinate [very, very guilty — Ed.] we ...
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Stand and Deliver ... A Healthier Back

By Krista Elliott Other than writing, I have a side job as a vacation fill-in at our local salt mine. Today, I worked in the quality control lab. It's fun work, and the day goes quickly with all of the ...
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We All Fall Down

By Krista Elliott It starts with our first attempt at walking. One wobbly step, another one, and then an unceremonious landing on a diaper-clad backside. Then, games of Ring Around the Rosy, tumbles off ...
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