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We All Fall Down

By Krista Elliott It starts with our first attempt at walking. One wobbly step, another one, and then an unceremonious landing on a diaper-clad backside. Then, games of Ring Around the Rosy, tumbles off ...
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Back to School: The Pack Mentality

By Krista Elliott The joy (or despair) with which you read the first part of that headline above -- "Back to School" -- is pretty indicative of whether you're a parent or a student. Yes, it's that time ...
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Optimum Health is Anything but Routine

By Martha Michael If the definition of crazy is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results, you'd probably agree that the definition of sensible is repeating the same behavior and expecting ...
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Staying Healthy at Work

By Gary Picariello I often feel like when I go to the office I’m queuing up in line at a bacteria buffet: So many people in such close proximity and each one with a different take on personal hygiene. ...
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3 Habits that Are Wrecking Your Joints

By Krista Elliott When it comes to bad habits, goodness knows I have my share. We all do. Whether we cuss too much (guilty), bite our nails (guilty) or procrastinate [very, very guilty — Ed.] we ...
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