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Public Opinion Is In: Chiropractic Care Works

By Genevieve Cunningham It was once thought, and is still by many people, that chiropractic care is only for the relief of back or neck pain. Since chiropractors are considered experts on the spine, it’s ...
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Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy: What You Really Need to Know

By Genevieve Cunningham Pregnancy is tough. Unless you’ve been through it before, you may not really understand just how tough it is. It’s stressful and tiring and sometimes downright painful. ...
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Yes, Chiropractic is Safe!

By Stepy Kamei If you've recently been recommended to a chiropractor for an adjustment, you may have some questions. Being referred to any new type of treatment plan or regimen can understandably bring ...
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Simple Reminders for Better Heart Health

By Stepy Kamei Heart disease is a major health concern in the United States -- it's the No. 1 cause of death in this nation. From poor eating habits to living largely sedentary lifestyles, we've adapted ...
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Sore from Soaring: Air Travel and Your Joints

By Krista Elliott Whoever said, "It's the journey, not the destination" didn't spend a whole lot of time in airports. For most of us, racing through airports to get packed into economy class like haggard ...
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