Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Nugget Plaza #31080

The Super-Easy Trick to Healthy & Tasty Work Lunches

By Krista Elliott A common resolution for the new year is to start eating healthier. It’s not too difficult to make healthy choices at home, when you have your entire kitchen at your disposal. At ...
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5 Great Ways to Clean While Being Green

By Krista Elliott It's no surprise that the environment in which we live isn't as pure and natural as it once was. We've gone from horses and wagons to air-polluting cars and trucks, from handcrafted ...
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Get Back in Line!

By Krista Elliott Supermarkets: What would we do without them? When it comes to providing sustenance for your family, you might have a small vegetable patch, or a fruit tree or two, but overall, the lion's ...
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Back Pain and Your Teen

By Krista Elliott Adults often belittle the difficulties that teenagers go through. Sure, we had to walk uphill to school both ways, in the snow, barefoot. But today's teenagers are navigating a fast-paced ...
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What is a Slipped Disc?

By Krista Elliott A "slipped disc" is a term that is often tossed around when talking about acute back pain, particularly pain that happens as a result of a fall or sudden movement. But much like "consumption," ...
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