Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Mission Valley #31009

Should You Be Working Out Twice a Day?

By Stepy Kamei We all know how important it is to stay fit and stick to a regular exercise regimen. Still, it's important to remember that staying fit with consistent exercise isn't just about vanity ...
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Chiropractic: Seeking a Balanced Lifestyle

By Stepy Kamei Harmony and balance: How important are these qualities to your overall sense of health and well-being, anyway? When it comes to keeping your physical and mental health in check, balance ...
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What Exactly is a Spinal Misalignment?

By Stepy Kamei The term "spinal alignment" can sound pretty upsetting and scary, especially when you're being told that this is something which is occuring in your body right now. Having a misaligned ...
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Chiropractic as Regular Care

By Stepy Kamei It would be great if, when it comes to any health concern or issue, all we had to do is take one pill or one course of treatment before being able to move on with our lives completely cured ...
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Back-Saving Tips for Clark Griswold Wannabes

By Krista Elliott I'm still wondering where August went.  But here we are in November, and The Stonecutter and I went out today to get some outdoor decorations in preparation for the holidays. And ...
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