Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - South Gate #31110

How to Rid Your Body of Excess Water Weight

By Genevieve Cunningham If you’ve ever weighed yourself in the morning and again at night, you’ve probably noticed a difference. Some days the difference is small, and other days you wonder ...
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Exercises for 3 Common Problem Spots

By Genevieve Cunningham When it comes to working out and losing weight, there really is no spot reduction. In order to see definition, you have to lose fat from all over your body. While this may sound ...
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3 Reasons You Can't Focus or Remember Anything - 4th Week

By Genevieve Cunningham Imagine this scenario. You walk into a room, look around for a few minutes … and completely forget why you went in there in the first place. Sound familiar? Everyone has ...
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3 Possible Signs of Heart Disease - 1st Week

There are few more important parts of your body than the heart. This muscle pumps blood throughout your entire being, giving it plenty of oxygen to keep it healthy. When its health suffers, it can cause ...
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How to Get (and Why You Need) More Vitamin C

By Genevieve Cunningham Getting all of your daily vitamins in your normal diet is a much bigger deal than most people realize. When you lack necessary nutrients in your diet, you’re technically ...
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