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How to Stop Getting Bogged Down

By Sandy Schroeder Sometimes everything seems so easy as we breeze through work, enjoy our family, and still have room for little extras. Other times, it’s like walking through concrete, one painful ...
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New Research to Keep Sleeping Babies Safe

By Sandy Schroeder Sleep-related deaths of infants are the most common reason for the death of babies between the age of one month and one year, according to the United States Department of Health and ...
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Why Chiropractic Is the Logical First Line of Defense Against Pain

By Sandy Schroeder As we move through life, we gradually learn to skip fixing things that are not broken, and to always start with the simplest, most logical choice, when we need a solution. Choosing ...
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When the Reality of Dollars Shortchanges Health We All Lose

By Sandy Schroeder In an era, where we hear one health pitch after another, it is easy to believe that most people are on track to becoming healthier. There is one big glitch that is often overlooked. ...
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Why We Need to Munch On Phytonutrients

By Sandy Schroeder Our grandmothers already understood phytonutrients as they grew their own gardens and loaded our plates with savory fruits and vegetables, where most phytonutrients originate. Researchers ...
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