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3 Guilt-Free Reasons to Get More Sleep

By Genevieve Cunningham Once you reach a certain age, sleep becomes the most desirable and toughest to find aspect of life. When we don’t get enough sleep, we are tired, rundown, irritable, and ...
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How to Eliminate Picky Eating

By Genevieve Cunningham Usually when you think about picky eaters, you probably picture a little kid refusing to eat dinner. But don’t forget that those little kids grow up into adults, and those ...
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How to Fight Stubborn Body Stiffness

By Genevieve Cunningham You wake up first thing in the morning and as you stretch, you notice that your body is stiff and inflexible. Have you ever felt this way? It’s fairly safe to say that everyone ...
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Foods to Boost Energy and Fight Fatigue

By Genevieve Cunningham At some point in our adult lives, we go from feeling tired to feeling exhausted to not really knowing the difference between fatigue and real life. We’re so rundown and sleepy ...
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Natural Ways to Fight the Cold and Flu

By Genevieve Cunningham Cold and flu season is just around the corner. The fall brings some wonderful new weather, but it also brings an influx of germs. The first of sniffling noses and sore throats ...
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