Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Arvada North #38025

The Deal with Health Food Buzzwords

By Sara Butler There are some words you associate with better health, and companies know this, which is exactly why they use them. But what do these buzzwords mean, really? Do they mean anything ...
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Dangerous Things You Should Avoid Cooking With

By Sara Butler When you hear the word “dangerous” you mind may conjure images of great white sharks or nuclear weapons, surely not anything you have in your kitchen! There are some things ...
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Foods You Should Store in Your Refrigerator

By Sara Butler There are foods that everyone knows belong in the fridge, but there are a few many people don’t know belong there, too. There may be some foods in your pantry you are storing incorrectly ...
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Signs You Need a Chiropractor!

By Sara Butler Most people see a chiropractor for the first time because they’re experiencing back or neck pain, but those aren’t the only signals your body may be giving you to indicate a ...
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Myths About the Body Mass Index

By Sara Butler The body mass index (BMI) is supposed to function as a tool to help you gauge your health. It’s based on your weight and your height, but it may not be the window into your health ...
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