Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Tower & Hampden #38028

Healthy Foods to Start Your Year Off Right!

By Sara Butler Did you make any resolutions for 2017? Well, hopefully, one you made and plan to keep is to eat better and be healthier this year! Especially after all those holiday puddings. If you’re ...
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Exercise: Before or After Your Adjustment?

By Sara Butler A common question your chiropractor at The Joint often gets is if patients should get adjusted before they work out or after. There tends to be a bit of confusion about which is best, so ...
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Have a Healthier Workspace

By Sara Butler You spend a lot of time at work, maybe more than you want to! Since you spend so much time at your desk, you should make it a priority to create a space that promotes your health. Here ...
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Are There Really Bad Carbohydrates?

By Sara Butler Have you ever heard people refer to some carbohydrates as good while they refer to others as bad? That may be a bit confusing to you, because what does that really mean? When it comes to ...
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Will These Protect You From the Zika Virus?

By Sara Butler The Zika virus has certainly been in the headlines lately, and it is quite a concerning topic. Zika is a mosquito-borne illness that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conclude ...
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