Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Boulder #38001

Having a Fall Meltdown? See Your Chiropractor

By Sandy Schroeder Fall can be a wonderful/crazy/exhilarating time. For many families there are football games, soccer matches, and work and school schedules to be handled, enjoyed or endured, depending ...
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Chiropractic Affects Stress, Sleep, Energy

By Sandy Schroeder Most of us would say stress, sleep and energy are key issues that move us forward, or hold us back.  Sleep can be elusive. Stress seems to pop up everywhere. And energy is a must ...
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How to Turn Fussy Eaters into Healthy Foodies

By Sandy Schroeder Whatever their age, fussy eaters can drive you up the wall if you are the chef in the kitchen (often better known as Mom).   Fussy eaters can be full-sized, perfectly great ...
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Research Says Mom's Voice Lights Up a Child's Brain

By Sandy Schroeder If you are a mom there are some things that you just know. One of those things is the impact your voice can have on your child. Most moms learn quite early that they can soothe a crying ...
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Are Your Knees Talking to You?

By Sandy Schroeder In the morning, you may feel a painful twinge, or hear a click, as if your knees were talking to you. Heeding those early warning signals could make a big difference to keep your knees ...
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