Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Boulder #38001

Are You Swimming In Stress?

By Sandy Schroeder If your days and nights begin and end with stress, you need answers. Whatever the issue, family, finances, illness, or job pressures, when stress gets a grip, life changes.  Weight ...
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When Anger Flares, Find an Answer

By Sandy Schroeder Everybody gets mad sometimes. Repeated frustrations, small annoyances, and deliberate thwarting can all push us too far. Not surprising, we might lash out or retaliate. But anger that ...
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Are Your Knees Talking to You?

By Sandy Schroeder In the morning, you may feel a painful twinge, or hear a click, as if your knees were talking to you. Heeding those early warning signals could make a big difference to keep your knees ...
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How Chiropractic Helps Kids Win

By Sandy Schroeder As fall rolls ahead, if you are a parent you may already find your weekends filling up with your kids’ soccer or football games. It’s an exciting time, filled with wonderful ...
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Having a Fall Meltdown? See Your Chiropractor

By Sandy Schroeder Fall can be a wonderful/crazy/exhilarating time. For many families there are football games, soccer matches, and work and school schedules to be handled, enjoyed or endured, depending ...
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