Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Colorado Springs #38002

Five-Minute Walking Spurts Could Fix Your Day

By Sandy Schroeder Most of us are well aware that we sit too much, mostly at work. Walking before or after work helps, but it may get lost in busy schedules. But now researchers are saying all we need ...
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When Every Day Hurts, Chiropractic Can Help

By Sandy Schroeder When pain comes and then leaves, most people can handle the problem. But when pain becomes chronic, the situation changes. Pain that persists with ongoing back pain, severe neck pain, ...
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How to Use Your Posture to Avoid Back Pain

By Sandy Schroeder No one would willingly choose to have back pain, but most of us leave ourselves wide open for it every day. When we park ourselves in front of our computers and stay there for hours ...
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Chiropractic Tips On Capturing Energy

By Sandy Schroeder Most of us would love to have more energy, keep up with everything that is going on, and play with our kids at the end of the day. But keeping that flame going can be difficult, and ...
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How Kids Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

By Genevieve Cunningham If you have kids, there are likely fewer things higher on the list than keeping them healthy and happy. We want to raise good children, and part of that is teaching them healthy ...
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