Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Stetson Hills #38018

Is Typing or Doing Fine Work With Your Hands Painful?

By Tom Herrin You may feel like people no longer work with their hands in this modern age of technology.  Even if you are the one doing it, you don’t often think of your work as manual.  That ...
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So You Can't Jump Anymore

By Tom Herrin Sometimes we reflect a little too much on what we can no longer do.  We reminisce to the point that we seem to give up.  If this applies to you, how about giving life a chance ...
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Here's Why You Should Take Care of Your Spine

By Stepy Kamei You only need to be 20 seconds into a conversation with your doctor to hear about how you should be taking care of your entire body so your overall health and wellness is in a better state ...
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Low Back Pain: More Common Than You Think

By Stepy Kamei Have you ever felt a twinge of pain or discomfort in your lower back after a poor night's rest, or after struggling to lift a heavy object? Maybe the discomfort you felt was more than a ...
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What Health Concerns Can Spinal Misalignments Cause?

By Stepy Kamei A spinal misalignment doesn't exactly sound like a good problem to have, yet many people remain unaware of just how common this problem is -- let alone what it can do to degrade a person's ...
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