Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Belmar #38009

How Do Subluxations Hurt You?

By Stepy Kamei You probably are very aware of the many potential threats to your health and well-being: Injuries, illnesses, infections, and more. However, are you aware of what a subluxation is, and ...
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Reduce the Risk of Chronic Pain with Chiropractic

By Stepy Kamei Back pain that is acute and mild in nature can be caused by many things -- poor sleep, stress, straining the muscles, etc. Whatever happened to cause it, we've all experienced the occasional ...
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Easy Ways to Improve Back Health at Home

By Stepy Kamei It's always ideal to work on preventative care so you can avoid having to deal with chronic back pain. If it's too late for preventative care measures and you've ended up with a bout of ...
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Chiropractic Heals the Whole Body

By Stepy Kamei When you take a moment to consider why so many people brush chiropractic off as a hoax or quack science, it's easy to begin spotting patterns of misconceptions and myths about the nature ...
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Spine Damage Causes More Than Back Pain

By Stepy Kamei If you're dealing with back pain, there's a good chance that you at least have a vague idea as to what may be causing this issue and sense of discomfort. You can probably point to an injury ...
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