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The Benefits of Exercise for a Painful Back

By Debra Rodzinak According to, there are many beneficial types of exercises for patients who are undergoing chiropractic care for lower back pain.  By strengthening the muscles ...
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Basic Knowledge of Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Everybody

By Stepy Kamei It's always interesting to me that, even though chiropractic care and treatment has been succesfully and effectively utilized for over a century in many parts of the world, it still remains ...
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Understanding the Concept of a Spinal Adjustment

By Stepy Kamei To anyone who is unfamiliar with the nature of chiropractic care, the concept of an "adjustment" may seem strange, confusing, or even downright painful. The truth is that a chiropractic ...
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How Exactly Does Chiropractic Work?

By Stepy Kamei Chiropractic has been used as a reliable treatment for back pain and other health issues for over a century, and yet it's only just now beginning to gain any sort of mainstream recognition. ...
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How to Travel in Pain-Free Style

By Debra Rodzinak The holiday season means extended travel for many people.  For those who suffer with back or neck pain, a long trip can be a daunting experience.  Planes, trains, automobiles, ...
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