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Find Pain Relief This Winter with Chiropractic

By Debra Rodzinak With the cold winter months finally here, many people are suffering with pain and stiffness that seems to appear with the arrival of winter.  Thought for years as an old wives’ ...
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Protecting the Spine in the Yard This Fall

By Debra Rodzinak Even though the weather is turning cooler, yard work does not stop.  Raking leaves, mowing, and preparing beds for winter are all fall chores that can lead to back pain and discomfort.  ...
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The Importance of Recognizing Proper Posture

By Debra Rodzinak Knowing the difference between good and bad posture helps when dealing with back pain.  There are some simple but extremely important ways to keep the back and spine healthy.  ...
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The Link Between Smoking and Lower Back Pain

By Debra Rodzinak Degenerative lumbar spine problems, the problems associated with the lower back, have been linked to smoking in a study that looked at more than 1,300 physicians who graduated from Johns ...
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How Childhood Can Benefit from Chiropractic

By Debra Rodzinak Many studies verify what the chiropractic community has known for years: Common childhood difficulties such as colic, ear infections, scoliosis, and sports injuries have been shown to ...
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