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How Childhood Can Benefit from Chiropractic

By Debra Rodzinak Many studies verify what the chiropractic community has known for years: Common childhood difficulties such as colic, ear infections, scoliosis, and sports injuries have been shown to ...
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Helping Out Your Chiropractor for Better Back Health

By Stepy Kamei It's one thing to take care of your health as certain issues inevitably crop up; it's another thing entirely to focus on utilizing preventative care treatment plans on a regular basis. ...
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What Exactly Can Chiropractic Help You With?

By Stepy Kamei If you don't know too much about the nature of chiropractic care, it can be difficult to determine what kind of role it can play in your life. This is unfortunate because, due to all the ...
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Understanding the Nervous System's Role in Overall Health

By Stepy Kamei You probably learned a little bit about the central nervous system in one of your high school biology classes, but do you know how it can affect your back and overall body health? There's ...
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The Importance of Recognizing Proper Posture

By Debra Rodzinak Knowing the difference between good and bad posture helps when dealing with back pain.  There are some simple but extremely important ways to keep the back and spine healthy.  ...
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