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3 Mental Health Tips That Really Work

By Genevieve Cunningham There’s a lot of advice out there regarding physical health. Eat more vegetables. Exercise regularly. Take your vitamins. Unfortunately when it comes to mental health, there ...
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3 Diet Myths That Just Aren't True

By Genevieve Cunningham It’s easy to caught up in the hype of new diet fads. We are all looking for that quick fix, so something that promises to drop 10 pounds in a week is appealing. Unfortunately ...
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4 Tips for Keeping Out Illness

By Genevieve Cunningham Everyone is going to get sick at some point. Whether it’s the flu, a cold, or some other infection, getting sick is a part of life. Still, it’s always a good idea to ...
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3 Signs Your Hormones are Out of Balance - 1st Week

By Genevieve Cunningham The hormones in our bodies are oh-so-delicate. They swing and change constantly, and their balance significantly affects our overall health. When they are out of balance, it shows ...
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Strange Health Tips That Really Work

By Genevieve Cunningham It seems as though anytime we look for advice regarding fitness or health, we’re hit with the same old things. Eat this, not that. Try this move. Take these supplements. ...
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