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4 Daily Tips for Improving Your Health

By Genevieve Cunningham A new year is a fresh start. While it’s great to begin with new relationships or a new job or new goals for your family, it’s an incredibly beneficial time to improve ...
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3 Common Places That are Crawling With Germs

By Genevieve Cunningham Since now is the hottest time of year for cold and flu germs to rear their ugly heads, it’s also the best time for antibacterial soaps, Lysol, and constant hand washing. ...
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The Perfect Workouts for Full Body Fitness

By Genevieve Cunningham Some people are workout fanatics. They love everything about it. The sweat, the sore muscles, the rush. Other people are a little less enthusiastic. Even if you work out, you may ...
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Strange Health Tips That Really Work

By Genevieve Cunningham It seems as though anytime we look for advice regarding fitness or health, we’re hit with the same old things. Eat this, not that. Try this move. Take these supplements. ...
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3 Mental Health Tips That Really Work

By Genevieve Cunningham There’s a lot of advice out there regarding physical health. Eat more vegetables. Exercise regularly. Take your vitamins. Unfortunately when it comes to mental health, there ...
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