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5 Facts About Whole Grains

By Debra Rodzinak Don’t eat bread.  This is something that I hear often when I discuss dieting and healthy eating with friends and family.  However, two recent studies have shown that ...
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Staying Healthy This Flu Season

By Debra Rodzinak With the beginning of cold and flu season, it is important to remember some helpful tips to stay healthy and support the immune system. Immune System The immune system is the main defense ...
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Learn About Chiropractic Techniques

By Stepy Kamei Let's say you've been searching for an alternative treatment plan for a while now -- one that's rooted in natural healing methods, is proven to be safe and effective, and is relatively ...
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Getting Hands-On with Chiropractic Care

By Stepy Kamei What's the best approach to taking care of a person's overall health and well-being? Some may argue in favor of long periods of rest and relaxation, while others may champion the idea of ...
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Chiropractic Can Help the Elderly, Too

By Stepy Kamei If there's ever going to be a time when a person begins to take their health and well-being more seriously than ever before, it's when they make the transition to becoming a senior citizen. ...
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