Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - South Tampa Palma Ceia #27003

Chiropractic Tips to Make Good Days Great

By Sandy Schroeder Some days really are better than others. You get up and feel energetic. You remembered to get the “right” cereal, and extra coffee. And, your family seems to be smiling, ...
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When Everything Works Your Body Smiles

By Sandy Schroeder When we feel like it is a perfect day, it’s hard to stop laughing. Everything seems so much easier. The headache leaves. Or the backache disappears. The tiredness lifts. Results ...
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How Chiropractic Provides a Winning Alternative to Pain Pills

By Sandy Schroeder Sometimes we run a little too fast on life’s treadmill. There is so much to be covered, and barely enough time. In the process, when pain moves in, it can be all too easy ...
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Just How Strong Do You Need to Be?

By Sandy Schroeder Sometimes we feel the need for more strength when we are lifting and toting groceries, picking up kids, and trudging thorugh a whole day of work. But somehow we always manage. Over ...
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When Life Tilts Chiropractic Fixes the Pieces

By Sandy Schroeder Everyone runs into a few inevitable crashes. Accidents on the road in heavy traffic, or on the sidewalk when you are running, happen in a second. Falls from hurrying down the steps ...
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