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5 Perfectly Cool Ways to Chill

By Sandy Schroeder Is stress beginning to dominate your life?  If you have just repeated the same sentence, and completely lost your focus in the process, stress may be gaining more ground than you ...
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How to Recognize Stress and Regain Control

By Sandy Schroeder When stress clouds your brain and tires your body, it usually just keeps building. If you are in a high stress situation that overloads your physical, mental or emotional strength, ...
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Why Cranberries May Become the New Super Berry on Your Table

By Sandy Schroeder Reaching for cranberry juice in the morning, when you suspect a UTI (urinary tract infection) is a well known solution that many women rely on. Researchers say drinking cranberry juice ...
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Key Women's Stroke Guidelines Effect Teens to Seniors

By Sandy Schroeder If you have ever seen the “before and after” effect of a serious stroke, you know how devastating it is. Or, you may have known someone who had a mild stroke or series of ...
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How to Master the Use of the Word "No"

By Sandy Schroeder The word “no” often becomes tricky to use, perhaps because it has so much baggage clinging to it. We all remember hearing a firm “no” when we very much wanted ...
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