Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Acworth #04024

Can A Job Protect You from Alzheimer’s?

By Sara Butler There’s some interesting new data suggesting that some jobs may protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. The social interaction provided by the job as well as the way it challenges ...
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Do You Need More Sleep?

By Sara Butler Your body has a way of clueing you into the things it needs, and sleep may just be one of them. Many people don’t get enough sleep at night. If you think you might be one of them, ...
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Foods That Can Zap Your Energy

By Sara Butler Ever notice how you can be cruising along through your day but then eat a meal that causes you to feel like you need an epic nap? Many people experience this phenomenon, and just as many ...
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Toxins in Your Food?

By Sara Butler The word “toxic” gets thrown around a lot, almost to the point you have to wonder if something toxic is as bad for you as it’s supposed to be. A lot of claims about toxic ...
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Do You Have Duck Feet?

By Sara Butler Many people don’t realize the ways in which their feet impact the rest of their body. Any variation in the movement of your feet can have an impact on everything above them. That’s ...
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