Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Brookhaven #04021

Why the Chiropractic Approach to Pain Is So Crucial Now

By Sandy Schroeder There’s a reason so much chiropractic “buzz” is out there right now. The traditional response to pain with a prescription medication is up for review right now as ...
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When Pain Invades Your Space See Your Chiropractor

By Sandy Schroeder Most of us ignore small twinges of pain as we move through daily routines. But when pain makes a statement that we can’t ignore, it’s time to take action.  Every day ...
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How Chiropractic May Help You Solve the Pain Puzzle

By Sandy Schroeder Do your mornings start with a little pain, or a lot? Some days the sun is shining and your body feels OK. Other mornings, soreness, and stiffness seem to have gained power overnight, ...
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Why Exercise as a Lifestyle Is So Important

By Sandy Schroeder Most of intend to move more than we do, and like to think we are active. But often, much of our days are spent sitting, linked to one screen, project, or task after another. Sometimes ...
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Mending a Strain or Spain? Chiropractic Helps

By Sandy Schroeder When muscle strains, sprains and falls happen, the body needs time to mend.  If you, or someone in your family, is facing the aftermath of an injury, chiropractic can help. The ...
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