Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Washington Crossing #04015

Research Supports Effectiveness of Chiropractic

By Debra Rodzinak The main reason patients visit chiropractors are for back and neck pain relief.  There have been many research articles that address the effectiveness of spinal manipulation. The ...
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Break These 6 Bad Eating Habits

By Debra Rodzinak  Lack of willpower is not the only culprit that can cause weight gain.  These bad eating habits can pack on the pounds.  Fortunately, these bad habits can be broken and ...
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Ice Massage for Pain Relief

By Debra Rodzinak Ice is known for its pain relief properties.  I like to use ice when I “overdo it” after a hard workout.  It works very well to decrease pain and inflammation.  ...
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4 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated for Exercise

By Debra Rodzinak Are you looking for ways to stay motivated while trying to make exercise a part of your regular routine?  Many people struggle, but here are four simple ways to stay and keep motivated. ...
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Three Ways to Relieve Your Back Pain in Bed

By Debra Rodzinak Those suffering with lower back pain find it hard to lie in bed for hours. Falling asleep and staying asleep can become difficult. There is no one single solution to curing ...
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