Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - North Columbus Crossing #04033

How Does Chiropractic History Translate for You?

By Sandy Schroeder “The word chiropractic comes from the Greek words cheir and praxis, meaning hand and practice. The words mean treatment done by the hands or hands-on therapy,” according ...
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Are You and Your Back Having a Fight?

By Sandy Schroeder It may have started out as a small twinge, but now you may be totally annoyed, and your back pain may be increasing. That small twinge has turned into ongoing pain that you can no longer ...
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Are Painful Joints Making Choices Automatic for You?

By Sandy Schroeder Do aching shoulders invariably tag along, as you head for home after a long day on the job? Do painful knees conspire to plant you on the couch, instead of allowing you to putter around ...
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Best Networking Secret - Make Friends Not Contacts

By Sandy Schroeder As work spins ahead, valuable contacts are always welcome. But finding the contacts that really hang in there could be as simple as looking for friends, too. When contacts become a ...
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Are You Flunking Your Regular Health Routine?

By Sandy Schroeder Most of us seldom flunk our normal healthy routines. We manage to squeeze in early morning walks, and, with a little effort, we hit the local farmer’s market fairly often. But ...
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