Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Mullins Crossing #04016

How Often You Should Replace Common Household Items

By Sara Butler Deep cleaning is probably more of a concept to a lot of people than a reality. After all, life is busy and it’s easy to fall behind on some things you may have planned on doing around ...
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How Serious Are These Exercise Mistakes

By Sara Butler When it comes to exercise and overall health, there are some mistakes that are obvious. If you forego the gym and live on a diet of pizza and beer, that obviously does not make you the ...
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The Positive Impact of Failure

By Sara Butler Life is full of ups and downs, and anyone who has lived a full life can tell you it’s not all puppy dogs and rainbows. Things are going to happen you can’t account for. You ...
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Hydration Fact and Fiction

By Sara Butler Your body needs water to be able to function optimally, and especially in the summer when the heat is turned up you need to make sure you’ve got water on hand to keep you hydrated. ...
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How to Improve Your Sleep When Pregnant

By Sara Butler Any woman who has ever been pregnant can tell you that trying to sleep in the latter stages of pregnancy is a big challenge. It’s important to figure out how to get a better night’s ...
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