Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Market at Haynes Bridge #04027

Finding Health and Wellness with Natural Remedies

By Debra Rodzinak With the new year, I have decided to try to live as naturally as possible.  The thought of additives and preservatives scares me.  Not knowing what is in my food is frightening.  ...
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5 Ways to Make Your Headache Disappear

By Debra Rodzinak Everyone has headaches from time to time.  For those who are looking for all natural ways to make a headache disappear without using drugs, there is good news.  Try these five ...
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Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain

By Debra Rodzinak  If you have had back pain that has lasted for more than three months, you may have chronic low back pain.  Whether from an injury, muscle stress, or disease, this type of ...
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The Benefits of a Neutral Spine

By Debra Rodzinak For those suffering with back pain, relief is often hard to find. There may be that one position that a person can find that is the least painful; the position the spine takes when relief ...
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Babies and Colic: Parents are Crying for Help

By Debra Rodzinak Being a new parent can be scary, trying, and exhausting. Now add hours of constant crying due to painful colic. Many parents routinely run back to their child’s pediatrician only ...
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