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Why You Should Get Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

By Debra Rodzinak Whenever I am in pain, whether it is from a headache, sore muscles, or back pain, I always get unsolicited advice on what to do. Some is solid advice, like the person who told me ...
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4 Ways to Build Strength Without Weights

By Genevieve Cunningham Maybe you’ve never lifted weights before. Maybe it’s been a little while and you’re intimidated by the weight room. Maybe you’re not ready to throw around ...
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Chiropractic Care and Fighting Illness: Is There a Link?

By Genevieve Cunningham You may have already heard about a few of the benefits that come with getting regular chiropractic care. The benefits and the general popularity of the practice are growing every ...
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Why Chiropractic Care Might Lead to a Good Night's Sleep

By Genevieve Cunningham Sleep is a lost art form among adults. OK … maybe not quite an art form, but it’s definitely lost. Somewhere between school, work, families, and friends, we begin ...
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Exercises for Easing Back Pain - 1st Week

By Genevieve Cunningham There’s nothing worse than living with backpain. It’s not only literally painful, but it truly gets in the way of your everyday life. Because we use our backs for everything ...
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