Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Savannah Twelve Oaks #04013

Your Spine and LEGO: Why Alignment Matters

By Krista Elliott As a mother of two boys, I have resigned myself to my house looking like a LEGO factory. It's a go-to present for Christmas, their birthdays, and more. Sometimes they'll get the pre-designed ...
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Are You Burning Out? 6 Warning Signs

By Krista Elliott We all have work stress of some sort or another. It's the rare individual who can go through their entire career feeling serene and calm, without an ounce of pressure.  However, ...
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Serving Up A Happy Spine

by Krista Elliott I always love it when we decide, "To heck with cooking, let's go out for dinner!" It's lovely not to have to deal with prep, cooking, cleanup, and the frustration of your kids refusing ...
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Back Pain: Is Your Mattress to Blame?

By Krista Elliott A huge staple of my pre-teen social life was the sleepover. Armed with my jammies and my favorite cassettes (and I've just aged myself), my friend and I would giggle and whisper into ...
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The Sweet Sounds of Spinal Health

By Krista Elliott I looked over, and there she was. Waiting patiently for me, aglow with beauty, but resting peacefully. As I held her again, I could almost feel the small hum of anticipatory excitement ...
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