Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Woodstock #04031

Why Fresh Air Does the Body Good

By Genevieve Cunningham If you’ve ever been stuck inside for days on end, you know how boring and depressing it can be. While it’s easy to think that this boredom is simply caused by a lack ...
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4 Hobbies That Might Boost Your Brain

By Genevieve Cunningham Hobbies are good for you. They keep you involved and active in life. They give you something to do to take the place of idle time. They help you learn and grow as a person. Plus ...
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Why You Need More Sleep and How to Get It

By Genevieve Cunningham As babies, we sleep all of the time. As children, we begin to fight sleep, resisting naps and staying up as late as possible. When the teenage years roll around, sleep is necessary ...
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How Chiropractic Care May Help You Fight Off Illness - 1st Week

By Genevieve Cunningham The benefits of getting chiropractic care are becoming more and more well known. Those who have already received care often report the benefits of less pain and a healthier back. ...
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Delicious Sources of Healthy Fats

By Genevieve Cunningham In the diet promoting world we live in, it’s easy to think that fats are the enemy. Fat-free products and fad diets that eliminate any sort of sugar or fats from your diet ...
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