Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - West Lakeview #21007

Normal Pains That Shouldn't Be Ignored

By Genevieve Cunningham Too many people live with pain. Whether it’s something chronic or a pain that pops up every now and again, living with aches and discomfort is not something that most of ...
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Why Chiropractic Care is Pro at Pain Management

By Genevieve Cunningham One of the most irritating parts of life is dealing with pain. Whether it’s pain in the back, headaches, or a sprain or strain … no one likes to deal with it. Unfortunately, ...
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Chiropractic Care and the Bottom Line: Will it Hurt Your Wallet?

By Genevieve Cunningham Anytime people begin to discuss any sort of medical care, I get a little feeling of panic. It’s not the needles or the blood or the fear of the unknown. I can handle all ...
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3 Tips for Cutting Calories Without Feeling Hungry - 3rd Week

By Genevieve Cunningham One of the worst parts about cutting calories and trying to lose weight is that hunger feeling that follows you around for a few days. It’s this feeling -- the empty stomach, ...
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When Pain is Not Normal and How to Get Relief

By Genevieve Cunningham You wake up in the morning with a crick in the neck or a stiff back. At the end of the day, your feet hurt and you have a pounding headache. Pain is a normal part of life, right? ...
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