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Is Your Spine on Thin Ice?

By Krista Elliott What's a fun family activity, a great way to exercise your entire body, and a staple of holiday romantic movies?  No, it's not running madly through airports.  I'm talking ...
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3 Reasons Why New Parents Need Chiropractic

By Krista Elliott Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! A new baby is equal parts enchanting and exhausting, keeping you up at all hours of the night while melting your heart with a mere glance. ...
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What Mistakes are You Making When Sitting?

By Krista Elliott Sitting down should be a pretty simple activity, right? As far as effort goes, it's pretty low on the scale: You bend your knees, drop your butt, and land on the nearest raised surface. ...
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Making the Move with Chiropractic!

By Krista Elliott Oh, the joys of moving. A fresh start is great, but as always, the challenge is getting there. Most of us have experienced moving, whether down-sizing, up-sizing, or just changing the ...
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'Throwing Out' Your Back: Can Chiro Help?

By Krista Elliott It was the middle of the night, and I heard whimpering. Sitting up in bed, I realized that the sound was Dreyfus, our geriatric Lhasa Apso, trying his level best to get up into our bed. ...
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