How to Motivate Yourself for More Exercise - 4th Week

By Genevieve Cunningham

Oh, exercise. We all know we need it. We’re aware of its incredible ability to keep us healthy, and yet we still struggle to keep up with the workout routine. Even if we start out gung-ho and ready to go, the motivation seems to slip at one point or another. If this sounds like the cycle of your workouts, take a look at these three tips for getting your motivation back and keeping it in order to reach your long-term fitness goals.

You Need a Why

It’s really hard to do things when you don’t see a point or purpose. Yes, we know that exercise makes us healthier, but that reason is so very broad. Instead, give yourself a specific purpose! Book a photo session for a month or two from now, and then work hard to look your best at it. Plan to attend an event that requires you to dress up. Book a trip to the beach. Give yourself a real, solid reason to get fit, and you’ll be much more likely to stick with it!

You Need Small Goals

If you need to lose 30 pounds or more, it can get really discouraging really fast. Don’t look at the largest picture, and instead set some very small achievable goals. Buy your favorite pair of jeans in one size down, and then work toward wearing them. Set a goal of losing one inch from your waist or legs. These small goals will allow you to feel successful along the way, which is an extremely important part of maintaining motivation.

You Need Something New

When your routine is the same day in and day out, it gets a little boring. Don’t be afraid to change it up! Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. You usually run? Try yoga or pilates. You’re a lifter? See how well you do at running a mile. Change up your routine to keep your mind motivated and interested, and the body will follow the mind’s lead.

Exercising is one of the best things that you can do for your body, but it’s not easy. It’s tough to maintain the routine over a long period of time. Motivation comes in waves, and all we can do is ride the wave for as long as possible, and then fight through the muck until another comes along. To help you in the lulls, just try these simple tips. With some perseverance and patience, you’ll be hitting those goals and keeping yourself motivated for a life of health and wellness.

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