3 Tips for Cutting Calories Without Feeling Hungry - 3rd Week

By Genevieve Cunningham

One of the worst parts about cutting calories and trying to lose weight is that hunger feeling that follows you around for a few days. It’s this feeling -- the empty stomach, gnarly noises, and quick pangs of hunger -- that often has us giving up and reaching for the bag of chips. Besides basic willpower, what can you do to beat those pesky pains? If you’re serious about cutting calories and losing weight, check out these three tips for limiting your intake without feeling massive hunger.

Drink More Water

Water has zero calories and fills up your stomach. When you’re feeling hungry, grab a glass of water instead. You probably won’t feel like drinking it, but make yourself. After you’re finished, you’ll likely feel full enough to resist the cupcake, and you’ll be glad that you didn’t give in. While this is a great way to beat hunger, it brings other great benefits as well. Besides keeping you properly hydrated, more water may help clear your skin, focus your attention, improve digestion, and boost overall function of your body.

Eat More Fiber

Fiber is a strange and necessary nutrient. It makes you feel full, and it also helps to move digestion. It’s the perfect food for losing weight and combatting hunger pains all at the same time. How do you get more fiber? While you can turn to a supplement if you need to, it’s usually not necessary. You can typically get enough fiber through a healthy and well balanced diet. Just add foods such as whole wheat breads and pastas, whole grain cereals, avocados, pears, coconut, peas, and many more!

Add Some Protein

Protein is a great nutrient for keeping you feeling full while also helping you to slim down and lose weight. Along with that, you may also begin to build bigger, stronger muscles. Protein is a win-win-win! To get more protein, turn to lean meats, nuts, eggs, and cheese. You can even buy protein powders and drinks to make sure that you get enough in your quest for better health.

If you’re cutting calories, you’re probably going to feel hungry for a little while. That’s OK! Your body is just not used to the reduction, but it will get there with some time and patience. In the meantime, just use these tips to control your hunger pains and to keep you on the road to better health and optimal fitness.

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