Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Rolling Meadows #21006

How Can Colors Affect Your Everyday Wellness?

By Stepy Kamei For all the many types of alternative treatments and medicines available to us today, color therapy may be one of the least well-known, making it one of the least recommended by healthcare ...
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What is the Goal of Chiropractic?

By Stepy Kamei If you're anything like the vast majority of Americans, you probably tend to associate the word "chiropractic" with the idea of specialty doctors who only provide treatments for back pain ...
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Better Sleep Means a Better Immune System

By Stepy Kamei We've all awakened feeling groggy and tired on at least an occasional basis, and we know this doesn't exactly make the coming day any easier. Feeling like you're ready to curl back under ...
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Surviving a Day While Running on No Sleep

By Stepy Kamei Virtually every single one of us has experienced the occasional day of discomfort after getting hardly any sleep the night before, brought on by stress, a poor sleeping environment, or ...
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Don't Be Callous ... Or Corny

By Krista Elliott With sandal weather behind us and boot season in full swing, you might not be paying much attention to the state of your feet. And that's totally understandable. There are many of us ...
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