Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Schaumburg #21003

Chiropractic Subtracts Pain and Adds Wellness

By Sandy Schroeder As the kids head back to school, and we all look to the New Year, hard questions about health care often arise. We may ask ourselves if we are really doing the math to cover all of ...
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Do You Ever Completely Relax?

By Sandy Schroeder Sometimes we are so busy there simply is no time to relax.  Then when we do break away, it is very hard to unwind. If that sounds all too familiar to you, you might consider just ...
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Why Chiropractic Fits So Many So Well

By Sandy Schroeder In an age of specialization, chiropractic may be one of the rare birds that serves many types of patients and areas of pain very well. As we all look for the best health and wellness ...
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How to Hit Your Stride on the Job

By Sandy Schroeder Making things happen on the job, taking you where you want to go, sometimes works beautifully, sometimes not. If you are frustrated, or just curious about what you could do better, ...
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Chiropractic Tips for Long Term Health Payoff

By Sandy Schroeder Just as we invest to grow our dollars, we know we need to invest in our health. But balancing current food/work/exercise routines with long-term health goals can be tricky. Losing 10 ...
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