Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Avon #19005

Reasons Your Bedroom Should Be Cold

By Sara Butler Everyone loves to be cozy and warm in bed. While your blankets and pillows should be keeping you cozy and comfortable, your room temperature should resemble a cool Alaskan day. One of the ...
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Running on Pain

By Sara Butler If you’re an avid runner, then you know there’s no stopping you in winter. Spring is right around the corner with your next marathon, triathlon, or half-marathon to train for! ...
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Foods to Help Boost Memory!

By Sara Butler There are several things that can cause you to feel forgetful. It can be related to your sleep, level of activity, environment, genetics or even your lifestyle. One thing that is known ...
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Chiropractic Solutions for Hip Pain

By Sara Butler Hip pain can happen to anyone at any time, taking many forms. You can experience pain in the front of your hip, the sides or even the back around your buttocks. The source of the pain often ...
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Get a Little Closer: Is Your Deodorant Dangerous?

By Sara Butler Deodorant is one of those inventions that has improved the lives of many people. The next time you’re on a crowded bus or plane, there’s no doubt deodorant is making the experience ...
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