Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Hamilton Town Center #19001

Heartburn and Baby Hair: Is The Old Wives' Tale True?

By Krista Elliott "Would you LOOK at that hair?!?! You must have had a lot of heartburn."  Any mother of a mop-topped infant has heard those two statements about a dozen times a day since her baby ...
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Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

By Krista Elliott A common rite of summertime is when you tidy your desk, put an out-of-office message on your voice mail, forward your calls, and shout out, "See you in two weeks, suckers!" (Okay, so ...
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Hypnosis: Hype or Heavenly?

By Krista Elliott When you think of hypnosis, you might think of stage shows where people are pulled out of the crowd, put into a trance, and made to strut around and cluck like chickens, or do any number ...
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You, Summertime and the Sun

By Gary Picariello Treat the sun with respect and it will be your friend for life. Disrespect sunshine and it will come back to haunt you like a jilted lover. Too much exposure to the sun can literally ...
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Garlic: the Malodorous Miracle

By Krista When cooking, there's nothing quite like the fragrance and flavor of roasted garlic. Its rich but mellow depth is indescribable. Of course, when talking to your neighbor, there's nothing quite ...
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