Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Zionsville #19004

6 Things That Can Trip You At Work

By Sandy Schroeder We all know social skills can make a huge difference on the job. We all know someone who lingers to chat when there is a deadline looming. Another person quickly steps up for praise ...
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When Life Pushes You Around, Chiropractic Helps Push Back

By Sandy Schroeder Are your work days ending with an aching back or a pounding headache? As you head for home, you may simply be hoping for a good night’s sleep.  If this is typical, you may ...
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Why Consideration of Others Counts for So Much

By Sandy Schroeder Little things that we do every day to be considerate of others may have way more power than we realize. Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer captured it, saying, “Politeness is to ...
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Healthy Ways to Detox and Realign Your Body

By Sandy Schroeder Coming up with a plan that keeps your energy humming and you thriving doesn’t have to be complex. Actually it could start with two simple approaches: First, enlist your chiropractor ...
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How to Beat the Physical Impact of Stress

By Sandy Schroeder Most of us know we can’t escape all of the stress of our daily world.  All sorts of things will continue to happen globally, and at home. But it is important to know how ...
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